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At The Dermatology Room we believe that we can help you feel happier with your skin.

An appointment involves a thorough exploration of your skin concerns, including a detailed analysis of your current skincare practices, lifestyle choices and goals.
A personalized skincare plan will be put together for you at the end of your visit, ensuring that you’ll leave the clinic feeling informed, inspired and optimistic about the future health and investment in your skin.


Dr Lev

Dr Lev is a specialist dermatologist specialising in great skin.

She completed her undergraduate medical degree at The University of KwaZulu-Natal cum laude. She obtained the Fellowship of the College of Dermatology with distinction and was awarded the prestigious Jannsen gold medal for recognition of academic excellence from her mentors in the discipline of Dermatology.

Dr Lev’s interests extend beyond the understanding of the disease process to the appreciation of how pathology affects the individual, her patient. It is with the vision of practicing holistic health care that she completed a short term fellowship in Epidemiology at Columbia University in the city of New York.

She has also been a keen advocate in the development and maintenance of the Harvard/ Columbia- UKZN partnership which allowed her to optimize the surgical arm of the dermatological care she offers to her patients.

She has since gone on to obtain her Masters in Medicine. Dr Lev is a keen academic. She has served as a senior lecturer at The University of KwaZulu-Natal and continues her health promotion endeavors through patient education platforms. She is a member of The Skin Cancer Foundation and The Vitiligo Society of South Africa.

Dr Lev is sought-out for her expert opinion in medical and aesthetic dermatology. She has been a contributor to the development of dermatological care through her authorship of the chapters she has contributed in dermatology textbooks and the research articles she has published in peer- reviewed journals.

She is passionate about guiding her patients from skin correction to skin perfection.

"I am so excited about the spectrum of disease alleviation and the palette of of aesthetic enhancement Dermatology offers today. The study of the skin and the array of treatment options presently available allow us to improve skin tone, texture and luminosity, to waltz more gracefully with time and to synchronise how our patients feel on the inside with what they wish to reflect on the outside.”

Dr Lev
MBChB(cum laude) FCDerm(SA)(with distinction) MMed(Derm)


Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Society of South Africa
The South African Society of Dermatological Surgery
Skin Cancer Foundation- South Africa
The Vitiligo Society of South Africa