The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is an incredibly beneficial addition to the consultation and treatment planning process. A special camera and scanner rotates around your head to encompass 3- dimensional views from every angle of your face.

The output is a set of detailed images of your skin and facial anatomy that goes beyond simple photography.  It incorporates advanced software which helps to identify wrinkles, blemishes, skin texture, enlarged pores, sunspots, pigmentation, inflammation, spider veins and porphyrins (bacterial excretions lodged in pores.)

The VISIA also incorporates a TRUSKIN AGE calculator system that compares your facial skin features to a vast database of people of the same age and skin type to calculate your relative skin age. This additional step provides key forecasting insights as it projects and illustrates your ageing pathway in the coming years.

Our patients love their VISIA scanning sessions as it allows for a more detailed appreciation of the influence of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on their skin’s health and maps their dermatological and or aesthetic treatment journey, allowing them to reflect objectively on their skin care goals which we strive to help them achieve.